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A Bruce Springsteen Tribute



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"Andy Preston, from the Gater 98.7 FM, was the host for the event. The audience enjoyed songs including..."

Penny Sheltz, from the September 2015 issue of PGA Publications


Trackside with Chuck

"I was able to go to Parkland Amphitheater to see The BOSS Project, which is a tribute band to Bruce Springsteen. This was my first time seeing this band and they put on a kick ass show! They featured our very own, Freight Train Kane, slaying his axe! I’m sorry I waited so long to see this band live, if you ever get a chance to catch them I highly recommend it. They put on a hell of a show including all your favorite Springsteen hits. As they were jamming out, Mother Nature tried to stop the show from going on by attempting to rain us out. Well that didn’t happen as they played straight through it without skipping a beat"

Killer Chuck, from the December 2014 • Issue 182 of Wheels on the Road


An Electrifying Night with The BOSS Project

"Since moving from Boston back to Wellington (or Welly-world as we used to call it when I was growing up) I’ve been enjoying the wonders Mother Nature has to offer during the normally dreary months of winter. The sky is blue, there’s bright green grass, bougainvillea in bloom, and tons of Vitamin D to soak up. I like to spend as much time outside as possible before it gets too hot to handle.  There are many ways to be entertained and enjoy the weather in our lovely little town. One outdoor location that I like to take advantage of is the area near Wellington Village Hall. Every Saturday morning there’s a small green market where you can buy fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers. On Thursdays you can attend “Food Truck Invasion” with a variety of 23 food trucks to choose from. Saturday evenings include live outdoor stage performances with artists such as the Journey Tribute Band and No Strings Attached.   Who doesn’t love the songs Born to RunDancing in the Dark, and Born in the USA? On the evening of March 14, 2015 I attended a concert at the Wellington Amphitheater where I heard the wonderful talents of The BOSS Project: A Bruce Springsteen Tribute.

Prior to the concert, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Goldschlag (a.k.a. Bruce), the lead singer of The BOSS Project. He had the spirit of Springsteen himself and just as much talent and charisma..."

Rachel Baumel, from the April 2015 issue of Around Wellington

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